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    Shandong Sunshine New Material Technology Co., Ltd is formerly known as Taian Sunshine Fiberglass Products Co., Ltd. Since its foundation, holding the business standards of "Client orientation, Quality for survival and Credit for market", the company always insists on optimizing products structure and developing Hi-tech products. By team culture, we make best use of the staff's creativity to produce the world's best and most innovative products and let more people have the access to the latest and best technology.

    In 2005, company invested 600 million RMB ,imported one German Karl Mayer dual-axis warp knitting production line and one post-processing production line. Both of them were put into operation in September that year to mainly produce fiberglass geogrid.
    In 2006, by our efforts, team construction and market development had been greatly improved. And the sales have been increasing yearly. The products exported to Russia, Brunei, Korea and so on companies.In addition, our company attached much importance to the new products development and technical renewal of the existing equipment. So we developed the polyester geogrid successfully this year and then put it into mass production in October of the year. At the same time, we focus on researching and developing strength polyester fiber mine supporting mesh.

     In 2007, we devoted to developing high reinforced polyester mine grid which had obtained the new patent and got the certificate of ISO9001.Through the efforts of R&D department, the products are more diversified.

     In October 2008, company started planning for new technical improvement project, planned to spend 300million RMB for this project. At this same time, company purchased 150 Mu land, and cooperated with foreign equipment manufacturer for developing high strength biaxial warp knitting machine.

    In 2009, the construction of NO.1 workshop covering 10 thousand sq m was completed. We had successfully developed new equipments after two years' cooperative work with the foreign equipment manufacturer experts. In October of the same year, one high strength warp-knitting production line which filled the domestic gap in high strength geogrid field was introduced and high strength polyester mine supporting mesh was put into mass production. Our company had achieved benefits and was authorized for "municipal key project". 

     In March 2010, Company started to build 10,000 square meters No.3 workshop. It finished on September. After two years of hard work with foreign equipment manufacturer, we had successfully developed high strength biaxial warp knitting machine. On October, imported one high strength biaxial warp knitting production line which fill the blank for high strength polyester mine supporting mesh , high strength warp knitting machine in the domestic.This year's new development of foreign customers, exported to India,  Netherlands, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and other countries.

    In 2010, in order to further optimization the quality of high strength mine supporting mesh and high strength polyester geogrid, company finished the construction of 30,000 square meters No.2 workshop. After one year’s cooperation with foreign equipment manufacturer, successfully developed a new type of stretching machine, and signed the purchased contract. 

    In 2011, we introduced one advanced stretching machine production line and two high strength warp-knitting production lines, and then put them into operation in September. And these greatly improved the quality of high strength polyester mine supporting mesh and high strength polyester geogrid which made us win client's reliability and praise. By the end of 2011, we have invested 150million Yuan and own 8 production lines. The annual value of production has reached 500million. In this year, company opened up North America, South America and Australia market and took part in Russia, Brazil, Germany coal exhibition and geotechnical material exhibition.

    In 2012, company paid attention to the market development of new product high-strength polyester fiber mine supporting mesh: strengthening the construction of the sales team, setting up sales office in Ningxia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, and taking part in the Beijing, Xi’an, Yulin, Taiyuan coal products exhibition. The products obtain the approval of general customers and are applied in Shenhua group, Yangmei group, LuAn group and other large coal mines. At the same time, high strength warp knitting geogrid is applied in water conservancy engineering, port wharf.

    The company after eight years of development, the achievements made for the company, cannot leave to contribute with unknown company go to today's employees, they are: WangZhenYan, YangMin, YueGongFeng,ZhaoChengMin, ZhangZhiGu, WangShuKe, TanHongJiang, LiuPeiYing, LiJingXiu, ms. Sun jing, SunLing, WeiGong, XueYuXin,  Li Yinmei, XuPeng, LiZhong. "They trust company, they work with a firm belief in their respective positions, follow the company came to today!


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