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Recruitment shop mechanic
job requirements:
1, male and female, aged 20 to 45 years old, good health;
2, high school education, hard - working, strong sense of responsibility:
Job Responsibilities:
1, warp knitting process operation
2, post-processing operations

Recruitment Sales Representative
job requirements:
1, male and female, aged 23 to 40 years old, good health;
2, secondary education and above;
3, More than 2 years working experience in sales industry;
4, outgoing personality, quick response, strong ability to express, with strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity;
5, with a certain degree of market analysis and ability to judge, a good sense of customer service;
6, a sense of responsibility, can withstand greater work pressure.
7, with the spirit of hard-working, able to adapt to more time travel.
Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for the company 's product sales and promotion;
2, according to the marketing plan, the completion of sector sales targets;
3, open up new markets, develop new customers, increase product sales range;
4, responsible for the area of ??market information collection and analysis of competitors;
5, responsible for sales of regional sales activities of the planning and implementation, complete sales tasks.

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